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Is a Philadelphia airport shuttle service
available at Smart Park?

hen you park your vehicle on an airport parking lot, the last thing you want to do is walk a considerable distance and wait for a shuttle to pick you up. At Smart Park, our Philadelphia Airport Shuttle Service runs on demand! As soon as you park your vehicle on our secure grounds, our staff is waiting to assist you with your luggage and a shuttle van is waiting and ready to follow you and pick you up at your vehicle.

At Smart Park, we put a personal touch in the airport shuttle services we offer for our customers. You can be certain your belongings are secure when you park on our PHL airport parking grounds, and no waiting for a shuttle to take you to the airport is an added plus! This also helps add to your feeling of safety, knowing that you don't have to wait around or walk to a pick-up area while carrying your luggage.

Philadelphia International Airport is just a short distance away from Smart Park. It will be only minutes from when a shuttle van picks you up at your vehicle until you are dropped off at the terminal of your choice safe and secure.  How can you not but go away relaxed and confident after experiencing a shuttle service that is second to none?!

Returning home to Philadelphia and retrieving your vehicle from Smart Park is just as simple; and, again, just a matter of minutes!  We ask you to claim your luggage first.  Secondly, Smart Park has Courtesy Telephones conveniently located in all Baggage Claim areas.  Once you have retrieved your luggage, please pick up one of the Courtesy Telephones - making certain there is a dial tone Ė and simply press "34". You will automatically be connected to a Smart Park Dispatcher. 

Smart Parkís Dispatcher will ask if you have your luggage, your name, your location, (Terminal A through F), and the number of people in your party. You will then be directed outside to Zone 3, where you will promptly be picked up within 5 to 10 minutes by one of our shuttle vans.   Thatís it!  

If you prefer to call the Dispatcher from your cell phone, you can do that as well; simply save and dial 610-521-8485 or 610-521-8664 from your cell phone. You won't have to wait long either way; our shuttle van will be there within minutes from receiving your call!

We know when returning from a trip some folks may be tired and are more than ready to go home. At Smart Park your satisfaction is our number one concern. You will be pleasantly surprised when you use our prompt, efficient and friendly shuttle service.   You will drive away experiencing first-hand  just how easy and tireless parking with us is!