About Smart Park

Smart Park Airport Parking opened its doors in 1994 in Essington, Pennsylvania, offering self-parking to long and short-term travelers flying out of PHL.

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The company’s vision was to transform an ordinary industry into an outstanding experience for all its customers by providing convenient hours, easy access to plenty of parking, and a well-lit, safe environment. Smart Park is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood just two minutes from PHL Airport.

Open 24/7, Smart Park provides free shuttle service to and from the Philadelphia International Airport. Smart Park plans on offering related services such as automotive detailing and minor repair work. After only four years in business, Smart Park was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.

Steve Allen and Stephanie Kozak Allen, co-founders of Smart Park, have encouraged their staff to welcome the true meaning of customer service, i.e. to “serve” another. Stephanie, awarded 50 Best Businesswomen in Pennsylvania, inspires her staff to embrace her vision of valuing people above all else. Since 1994 Smart Park has kept focused on the importance of the seemingly little things, like welcoming people of different cultures, races and nationalities by displaying flags of all nations across the front of the parking facility.

Steve and Stephanie are most proud of the Smart Park staff, from the drivers to the gate clerks to the auto mechanics and maintenance team for their dedication and commitment to deliver quality service that is focused on being cheerful, courteous, respectful and safety conscious while meeting the special needs of each customer. To put a new twist on an old adage, they are all about… Service! Service! Service!

Smart Park has been recognized by receiving many awards through the years, the following are notable awards won through the years:

Awards and Recognition

About Our Fleet

  • Enjoy the Comforts of Soft Touch Leatherette Seating with Plenty of Leg Room
  • Rapid Charge Platinum USB Ports for Laptop and Cell Phones
  • Plenty of Head Room and Ambient Lighting for your Safety and Comfort
  • A Smooth Ride with Comfort Traction Tires and Soft Ride Suspension


Where is Smart Park Located?

Smart Park Airport Parking is located at 900 E. 2nd Street, Essington, PA 19029. Smart Park is nestled between a portion of the John F. Heinz Wildlife Preserve and a quiet residential area. For driving directions please click here.

How far from the Philadelphia International Airport is Smart Park located and when should I arrive at the parking facility?

Smart Park is located two miles from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). We request arrival at Smart Park 10 minutes before you are required to arrive at the airport for your flight. When traveling on a Domestic Flight the Airlines request arrival at the airport two hours before your scheduled Departure Time. For International Flights, the Airlines request arrival at the airport three hours before scheduled Departure Time. Generally speaking, Smart Park’s shuttles transport you to/from the airport in just a few minutes. (It is advisable to check with your airline for specific times, special arrangements and/or last-minute rescheduling issues).

How often does Smart Park shuttles run to/from the airport?

Smart Park shuttles run on demand! When you pull onto our parking facility and park your vehicle, our staff assists you with your luggage at your vehicle and we will have a shuttle ready and waiting to whisk you up to the airport! When you arrive back into Philadelphia, retrieve your luggage first, and then please call us at 610-521-8485.

What should I do when I arrive back into the Philadelphia International Airport from my trip? How do I get back to my vehicle at Smart Park?

It’s easy! PLEASE RETRIEVE YOUR LUGGAGE FIRST. Next call the Dispatcher directly at 610-521-8485. Our Dispatcher will welcome you home and proceed to ask your name, what airport terminal you are located in, (Terminal A through F), how many people are in your party and if you have your luggage. Our Dispatcher will then direct you out to Zone 3, where one of our shuttles will pick you up. The “Parking Card” you were given upon boarding the shuttle for your trip to the airport will tell you what section of the Smart Park lot your vehicle is parked in. Your shuttle driver will return you to your vehicle and assist with your luggage.

How long will I have to wait for a pick-up by a Smart Park shuttle?

No time at all! Smart Park’s pick-up time is typically 5 – 10 Minutes after receiving your telephone call.

What are Smart Park’s hours of operation?

Smart Park Airport Parking is open 24/7, 365 days a year, rain or shine!

What are Smart Park’s parking rates?

Smart Park offers award-winning, first-class, customer service at competitive and affordable daily rates. Please call 610-521-3400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or check our website for up-to-date daily rates, seasonal offers and coupons. We offer special rates for Corporate Travelers, Frequent Flyers, Large Groups and Monthly Parkers. Rates are subject to applicable taxes unless otherwise stated.

What services does Smart Park offer?

Smart Park offers Self-Parking at this time.

How safe is Smart Park’s facility?

Smart Park is located in Essington, Pennsylvania, a residential area and a suburb of Philadelphia. Smart Park’s facility is nestled in the middle of the John F. Heinz Wildlife Preserve in Delaware County, yet only minutes from the Philadelphia Airport. We are monitored by the Tinicum Township Police Department. As a matter of fact, the Police Station is across the street and the Firehouse is directly down the street from our parking facility. Our lots are SECURE, brightly lit, fenced-in with our employees providing continuous rotating and roaming security, 24 hours a day!!

What if my flight from PHL is cancelled?

Smart Park does not charge for flights cancelled from PHL. Show us your airline ticket upon checking out and you will park for free!

What if I have a dead battery, flat tire or I locked my keys in my car upon my return?

Smart Park provides emergency roadside assistance, i.e. battery jump-starts, pressurized air to fill your tire and lock-out assistance by a professional locksmith to get you on your way… all at no stress to you!

What if I return home during a snowstorm and my car is covered in snow?

No need to worry. While you are away, Smart Park provides the snow removal equipment and will run Snow Removal Crews 24/7 to plow the driveways, open up parking spots and salt the aisle ways until the lots are functional. Smart Park also hires outside assistance to help the customers dig out their vehicles.

What if I believe I left something on your shuttle van?

No matter if it is a diamond ring or a child’s toy, rest assured, if it was left at our facility or on one of our shuttles, Smart Park logs all Lost & Found articles and keeps the items cataloged and under lock and key. Please call 610-521-3400 to inquire.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes. Click Here to make a reservation.

Other Questions or Concerns

Please call Smart Park at 610-521-3400 to speak with a Customer Service Representative for assistance with further information, questions or concerns or email us at info@smartpark.com. We are here to serve you and are happy to do so.