Can You Walk to Rental Cars at Philadelphia Airport?

  • May 27, 2024

  • William Cartwright

Can You Walk to Rental Cars at Philadelphia Airport?

When traveling through Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), it’s important to understand the logistics of getting to your rental car. Unfortunately, you cannot walk directly to the rental car facilities from the terminals. However, the airport provides a convenient and efficient shuttle service to transport passengers to and from the rental car area.

Shuttle Service to Rental Car Facilities

All major car rental companies at Philadelphia International Airport are located off-site but within close proximity. Upon arriving at PHL, you will need to take a shuttle from Zone 2 on Arrivals Road. These shuttles are provided free of charge by the rental companies and run frequently to ensure minimal waiting time.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  1. Baggage Claim to Shuttle Pick-Up: After collecting your baggage, exit the terminal and follow signs to the Zone 2 shuttle pick-up area. This area is easily accessible and well-marked.
  2. Boarding the Shuttle: Once you arrive at Zone 2, you will find shuttles for all the major rental car companies, including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, and Thrifty.
  3. Ride to the Rental Car Facility: The shuttle ride to the rental car facility is short, typically taking just a few minutes. The shuttles operate 24/7 to accommodate all flight schedules.

Major Rental Car Companies at PHL

  • Alamo: Provides services with an online check-in option and self-service kiosks for added convenience. Website: Alamo
  • Avis: Offers a variety of vehicle options and a convenient Select & Go service to choose your vehicle on the spot. Website: Avis
  • Budget: Known for its Fastbreak service, allowing members to bypass the counter and go directly to their car. Website: Budget
  • Enterprise: Offers 24/7 service with self-service kiosks available for quick check-ins. Website: Enterprise
  • Hertz: Provides a range of vehicles and operates 24/7 at the airport. Website: Hertz
  • National: Features the Emerald Aisle service, which allows you to choose any car in the aisle and go. Website: National
  • Thrifty: Offers competitive rates and a convenient drop-off service. Website: Thrifty

These companies provide a range of services and vehicles to meet various travel needs. You can make reservations online ahead of time to ensure a smooth rental experience.

For more detailed information, including specific pick-up and drop-off instructions for each rental company, you can visit the official Philadelphia International Airport rental car page here​ (PHL Airport)​​ (AutoSlash)​​ (Car Rental with Great Rates & Service)​​ (Alamo)​​ (Budget)​.

Safe travels and enjoy your time in Philadelphia!