Don’t Connect Through These 10 Airports If You Have a Choice

  • August 27, 2012


Don’t Connect Through These 10 Airports If You Have a Choice

Taking connecting flights as opposed to non-stop flights can save you a lot of money, and give you more options, but delays and missed connections can cause frustration and lots of lost time.

Obviously, if you choose an airline which has a hub in a particular city, you may not be able to avoid that hub airport for connecting flights, but if you do have a choice, avoid the airports on the list below, or at least try not to schedule flights with close connection times..

The Bureau of Transportation statistics recently ranked 29 major US Airports on the basis of percentage of on-time arrivals and departures to come up with a list of the worst airports for connections.  Here is the rundown…

10.  Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport

9.    Washington Dulles International Airport

8.    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

7.    Philadelphia International Airport

6.    O’Hare Intetnational Airport

5.    John F. Kennedy International Airport

4.    Logan International Airport

3.    LaGuardia Airport

2.    San Francisco International Airport

1.    Newark Liberty International Airport