Pick the Best & Avoid the Worst Holidays Travel Days from PHL Airport

  • December 4, 2019

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Pick the Best & Avoid the Worst Holidays Travel Days from PHL Airport

Best Traveling from PHL Airport

Traveling is for fun and relaxation. To have a hazard-free and peaceful vacation, you need to plan effectively.

Apart from the booking of tickets or packing for the tour, you need to select the day you travel for the best experience.

Picking the best travel days is important to save money and reduce stress.  Here are some other great website’s to save money and reduce stress on services during the holidays.

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The Top 10 Travel Websites for Saving Money

Also consider a few powerful website’s that can save tons of money including:

  • FareBoom – Simplify finding the cheapest flights (usually correlating to less busy travel days)
  • Panflights – Similar to FareBoom, but a great cost comparison resource.
  • Kayak – Amazing hotel cost comparison website.  Along with other travel resources.
  • Momondo – Very competitive rates for hotel bookings (we compared to a large number of other sites)
  • AirBNB – Hotel rates too high?  You can save huge on hotels by staying in a vacation rental.
  • VRBO – Similar to AirBNB – Comparison resource.
  • Homeaway – Similar to AirBNB – Comparison Resource
  • AutoRentals.com – Amazing place to get rock bottom rates on rental cars.
  • Turo.com – Rent other peoples cars! Get reduced costs during busy travel seasons, or rent awesome rides.

These resources will save you a lot of money if you have a full blown trip and need rentals, lodging and travel.

Best Days to Travel from PHL Airport

Booking your holiday travel can be expensive depending on the dates and days. The time of the day that you travel can also make you pay more or less depending on the rush and number of passengers traveling.

Now, the term “best time to travel” is heavily determined by how much you are willing to adjust your flight.  There are airlines such as Spirit Airlines that allow you to get incredibly low rates flying at late night hours.  If you are going for cost-effectiveness, you can choose the early hours of the morning or late at night. The wee hours are the time when passengers are comparatively less, and the light fares are pretty low.

However, the problem is convenience – and sometimes that doesn’t go hand in hand with saving saving money.  Except, making the right choices can save money no matter what! Traveling with family can make these decisions more difficult.

The best travel days, however – they are less convenient are:

For Christmas: Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th (x-mas) & Saturday the 28th are the best travel days.

The worst Christmas travel days are:

Friday the 20th, many people leave town the first chance they get.  Then the next 2 worst travel days are Sat the 21st Sunday the 22nd!

Traveling on Christmas or Thanksgiving is cheaper and convenient if you want to avoid the crowd and save big on the airfare. You can also prevent the traffic as most would have already traveled to be with their near ones. However, this doesn’t work with family needs.

The period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also a sweet spot for traveling. Just past Christmas, you will not have to deal with the back-to-work commuters and can enjoy crowd-free travel. Even New Year’s Eve is the cheapest day of the year to travel.

Cheap Travel Seasons to and from PHL

Based on the destination that you plan to travel, the flight fares can vary. Winters are the cheapest season to fly to popular destination cities if you are going on a vacation. You cannot predict the cheapest travel, but studies reveal traveling on weekdays are less expensive than going on weekends.

Travel days of the week that are cheapest

As a rule of thumb, “typically” the weekdays are cheapest and traveling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the lowest cost.

You can also do your research on the above mentioned websites to finalize your research and save even more!

July 4

Keep in mind, summer is BUSY and peak travel time. July 4 is a busy and high traffic holiday, so you need to plan accordingly.  If this falls on a weekend, it will be even busier – so compare days surrounding July 4th.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the official kickoff for the summertime travel season, so you can predict that the airports will be hopping. Expect the roads to be packed with people making the most out of their four-day weekend as well.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a busy day to travel for vacation.  Airlines and hotels are busy, so should compare surroudning travel days.  Not everyone is watching the ball drop.

Labor Day

The end of summer holiday travel lands on Labor day!

Ton’s of people love to take advantage of this 3 day weekend to getaway and enjoy some family time or just get away with friends.  Comparing the surrounding days to simplify travel or booking early can save you time, money and hassle.


Surprisingly, Easter can be a busy holiday for travel. Lots of people enjoy celebrating Easter with family, so consider the comparison website’s to adjust days and try to book early if possible.

Consider this, Fridays are Worst in the Summer Months

On the CBS Evening News, Roger Dow of the U.S. Travel Association mentioned stated that the busiest travel days of the year are “Fridays, June, July and August.”

So avoid paying an extra 1 or 2 hundred dollars getting a flight on Friday during travel season without shopping around.

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 Worst Days for Traveling

No day is terrible, but for traveling, certain days can be gruesome and can leave a dent in your pocket. The worst traveling days are more common and desirable among most travelers. As a result, the fares are also high and routes more crowded.

People tend to spend Christmas with dear ones and tend to travel at the weekend, leading to the holiday. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest and most expensive days of the week.

You can safely assume that the day after Christmas would be packed. Even January 2 would be the most expensive day to fly. After spending the merry days with family, the workaholics would need to return to their workplaces, and the rush would be maximum. The airways use this window for hiking the airfare and earning big.

 Be Predictive, Save More

 Since you have gained a basic idea on the best and worst travel days, along with ways to save, you can predict the more reasonable and less-crowded travel time.

Several websites and android or iOS apps are available that might aid you in anticipating the more competitive airfares and travel days. Performing some research and using your due diligence, you can reduce your travel budget handsomely.

With all this said, enjoy your travel! Save some time and money… Please also park your car at SmartPark and save some money, protect your car and get great service to and from your terminal!