How Much is Long-Term Parking at Philadelphia Airport?

  • May 27, 2024

  • William Cartwright

How Much is Long-Term Parking at Philadelphia Airport?

When planning your trip from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), understanding the costs and options for long-term parking can help you save both time and money. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the current long-term parking rates at PHL and the benefits of choosing off-site options like Smart Park and Express Park South.

On-Site Long-Term Parking Options

1. Garage Parking (Upper Levels):

  • Cost: $28 per day
  • Details: This option provides direct access to the terminals via walkways, making it convenient if you prefer to be closer to the terminal buildings.

2. Economy Parking Lot:

  • Cost: $15 per day
  • Details: The Economy Lot offers a budget-friendly option with a complimentary shuttle service that operates 24/7, transporting passengers to and from all terminals. This lot has 3,600 spaces and provides services like battery jump starts, flat-tire assistance, and auto lockout service​ (PHL Airport)​​ (PHL Airport)​.

Off-Site Long-Term Parking Options: Smart Park and Express Park South

For even more savings and enhanced security, consider using off-site parking facilities. These lots typically offer competitive rates and superior services compared to on-site options.

1. Smart Park:

  • Cost: $13.95 per day
  • Details: Smart Park provides secure parking with 24/7 surveillance, fenced-in lots, and regular patrols by security personnel. The facility offers additional amenities such as valet parking, luggage assistance, and emergency roadside assistance. The shuttle service to the airport terminals is prompt and operates around the clock​ (Smart Park)​.

2. Express Park South:

  • Cost: Similar competitive rates to Smart Park
  • Details: Express Park South offers similar advantages with high-security measures, including continuous monitoring and secure access. Like Smart Park, it provides a reliable shuttle service to the airport terminals, ensuring you reach your flight on time without the hassle of walking long distances or waiting for infrequent shuttles.

Enhanced Security at Off-Site Parking

One of the main advantages of choosing off-site parking like Smart Park and Express Park South is the superior security they offer. Unlike the on-site Economy Lot, which may have limited surveillance and patrolling, these off-site facilities prioritize the safety of your vehicle.

  • 24/7 Surveillance: Both Smart Park and Express Park South have extensive camera coverage throughout their lots, ensuring constant monitoring of all parked vehicles.
  • Fenced and Gated Facilities: These parking areas are enclosed and gated, providing an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Regular Security Patrols: Security personnel regularly patrol the premises, adding another level of safety and quick response to any potential issues.


Choosing where to park at Philadelphia International Airport depends on your budget and security preferences. On-site parking offers convenience, but off-site options like Smart Park and Express Park South provide significant savings and superior security measures. These facilities ensure your vehicle remains safe and secure while you travel, with the added benefit of excellent customer service and reliable shuttle services.

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