What’s The Best Long Term Parking at Philadelphia Airport Overnight Park and Fly Option?

  • May 5, 2023

  • William Cartwright

SmartPark Is The Best Option For Long Term Parking

    • $13.95 per day – 50% Savings compared to PHL
    • Expedited Consistent Free Shuttle Direct To Your Terminal
    • Brightly Lit Lot with 24/7 Security & Cameras
  • 10,000+ 5-Star Google Reviews from Happy Customers
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Long Term Parking at Philadelphia Airport vs SmartPark PHL

Planning your long term parking at Philadelphia Airport? Choosing the right parking option can make a significant difference in how your trip begins and ends. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison between SmartPark and PHL Airport’s long-term parking, covering:
    1. Cost
    1. Convenience
    1. Security
    1. Additional Services
    1. Customer Reviews

1. Long-Term Parking Price – A Clear Winner.

Based on the daily parking rates for PHL Airport and SmartPark, SmartPark offers a significantly more cost-effective option compared to parking directly at Philadelphia Airport (PHL). Parking at SmartPark costs $13.95 per day, while PHL Airport charges $28 per day. This makes SmartPark more than 50% cheaper, providing substantial savings for travelers, especially for those planning longer trips. Choosing SmartPark not only offers a budget-friendly rate but also includes additional services and conveniences, making it an attractive alternative for both short-term and long-term parking needs at Philadelphia Airport.
1 Week Price Days Daily Parking Price Total
SmartPark 7 X $13.95 = $97.65
PHL Airport 7 X $28 = $196
Savings $196 $104.65 = $91.35
2 Weeks Price
SmartPark 14 X $13.95 = $195.30
PHL Airport 14 X $28 = $392
Savings $392 $209.30 = $182.70
3 Weeks Price
SmartPark 21 X $13.95 = $292.95
PHL Airport 21 X $28 = $588
Savings $588 $313.95 = $274.05
Weekly price comparison SmartPark vs. PHL Airport overnight parking
If you park at SmartPark instead of PHL Airport each week, you save almost $100. These savings accumulate significantly over time, offering a more than 50% reduction in costs compared to parking directly at the airport. Smart Park: 1 | PHL Airport Overnight Parking: 0

2. Convenience – Park to Terminal Travel Times, Commute Experience, Reservations.

SmartPark Convenience:

Parking to Terminal Travel Time & Experience:
    • Located just a 2-minute shuttle ride from the airport, SmartPark offers a free 24/7 shuttle service that quickly gets you and all of your luggage directly to your terminal – without having to walk a long-distance.
    • You can easily find a parking spot close to the shuttle pick-up, ride in a SmartPark luxurious custom shuttle van, and arrive directly at your terminal from a quick, direct shuttle drive in about 10 minutes.
Reservations for Peace of Mind:
    • The booking process is streamlined with online reservations, ensuring your parking spot is secured before you arrive.
    • You can be sure you have a parking spot available before arriving at the airport. Especially during busy seasons, it is essential to avoid the risk of not having a parking spot for your car before your flight.
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Philadelphia Airport Long-Term Parking Convenience:

Parking to Terminal Travel Time & Experience:
    • Finding a parking spot at Philadelphia Airport (PHL) can sometimes be challenging and take extra time, particularly during peak travel times such as holidays or weekends. The difficulty largely depends on several factors, including the time of day, the season, and current travel trends.
    • While PHL long-term parking is on airport grounds, depending on your terminal, walking or shuttle times can vary. Shuttles are available but may not be as frequent during off-peak hours.
    • For those parked in the farthest sections of the long-term parking areas, reaching the terminal could involve a walk of several minutes up to possibly over 15 minutes.
If you are looking to avoid long walks or are traveling with lots of luggage, checking the shuttle schedules or planning for extra time to get to the terminal would be advisable to ensure a smooth transition from your car to your check-in or gate area. Reservations for Peace of Mind:
    • Unlike SmartPark, Philadelphia Airport (PHL) does not offer reservations for parking, which means availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Smart Park: 2 | PHL Airport Overnight Parking: 0

3. Security – Being Sure You & Your Unattended Car is Safe While You Are Away.

SmartPark Security:
long term parking at philadelphia airport security
SmartPark 24/7 Parking Lot Security
At SmartPark, ensuring the security of your vehicle is paramount, which is reflected in their comprehensive safety measures. The parking area is well-lit and fully enclosed by fencing and constantly monitored by surveillance cameras covering every corner of the lot. This high level of oversight is complemented by regular patrols conducted by security personnel, who are vigilant in maintaining the integrity of the parking environment. These rigorous security protocols are in place around the clock, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle is well-protected throughout your trip, ensuring it remains exactly as you left it until you return. Philadelphia Airport Long-Term Parking Security: PHL Airport parking does not provide any real security measures and does not even have cameras. Their website claims it is patrolled by Philadelphia Police but the vast size of the parking areas might affect patrol frequency and personal attention to specific areas. According to Philadelphia police, the Duffy Law Firm reports that in 2023, there were 112 vehicle thefts and 79 break-ins. In the latest tragic incident, two police officers confronted thieves breaking into vehicles in the parking garage. As the officers approached, the suspects opened fire, resulting in the death of Officer Richard Mendez and injury to Officer Raul Ortiz. See the full article here: https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/news/richard-mendez-philadelphia-airport-police-officer-shooting-arrest-update-live/ Smart Park: 3 | PHL Airport Overnight Parking: 0

4. Additional Services – What Else Can They Do Other Than Long-Term Parking?

SmartPark Additional Services: SmartPark excels in customer service, offering:
    • Valet Parking Service
    • Free Expedited Shuttle
    • Quality & professional uniformed drivers.
    • Luggage assistance in our long term parking lot for the Philadelphia Airport and at PHL airport terminal.
    • Emergency Roadside Assistance, including but not limited to: Free Battery Jump Starts! Free Flat Tire Assistance! Free Lock-Out Service for vehicle door and ignition keys! Free Emergency Gasoline! Free Assistance With Frozen Locks, Frozen Windshields, and Snow Removal.
    • Free Parking for Cancelled Flights
    • Space Guarantee! Book online!
    • Park & Polish (extra fee): Interior washes, exterior hand wash & wax, tire dressing.
PHL Airport Parking Additional Services: Basic services are available, PHL Airport parking might not offer the same range or quality of additional free services that SmartPark provides, which can be a drawback if you encounter vehicle issues.
    • Free Shuttle
Smart Park: 4 | PHL Airport Overnight Parking: 0

5. Customer Satisfaction – What Are Real Customers Saying About Their Experience?

SmartPark Customer Satisfaction:
    • With a near-perfect 5-star rating on Google from over 10,000 reviews, customer satisfaction is high. Travelers often cite excellent customer service, reliability, and the extra services as reasons for their preference.
Click here to see Google Reviews on SmartPark at Philadelphia Airport
long term parking at philadelphia airport smartpark google reviews
PHL Airport Parking Customer Satisfaction:
    • Customer reviews vary more widely, with some appreciating the convenience of on-site parking while others note issues with cost and shuttle wait times. With a Google review rating of 2 out of 5 – this is not great.
Click here to see Google Reviews on PHL Airport Long-Term Airport Parking
Smart Park: 5 | PHL Airport Overnight Parking: 0

After a detailed comparison across five key categories—convenience, cost, security, additional services, and customer satisfaction—SmartPark emerges as the clear winner over PHL Airport’s parking options in every single category.

SmartPark offers superior convenience with guaranteed reservations, rapid shuttle services, significantly lower rates, and robust security measures, including constant surveillance and patrolling. Additionally, the exceptional range of customer services, such as roadside assistance and a high level of customer satisfaction, further distinguish SmartPark as the superior choice for travelers using Philadelphia Airport.

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Long Term Parking at PHL Airport

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Especially Important If You’ll Be Leaving Your Car For Awhile

If you are going to be gone for a while, you want to make sure that you don’t pay any more than you have to for long term parking at PHL airport. After all, you probably would rather spend your money on vacation rather than parking. While our rates for overnight parking for the Philadelphia Airport are designed to be friendly to your pocketbook, they also cover the costs of providing security for your vehicle and some really nice perks if you happen to come back from vacation and find something wrong with your vehicle. Our long term parking for the Philadelphia Airport use lots are designed for safety, and even if you come back to find that something has happened to your vehicle, like you left the keys in it or a tire has gone flat, we offer services to help get you back on the road and back home. We take pride in our customer service, and we offer some of the best perks in the parking industry, especially for PHL clients who are looking to get away from it all. Reserve your space with us now and find out how we can help make your trip smooth at the front end and the back end with our Philadelphia Airport overnight parking. Then all you have to worry about on your vacation is relaxing and enjoying yourself. Reserve A Spot at SmartPark Now!

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    • Emergency Roadside Assistance, including but not limited to: FREE Battery Jump Starts! FREE Flat Tire Assistance! FREE Lock-Out Service for vehicle door and ignition keys! FREE Emergency Gasoline! FREE Assistance With Frozen Locks, Frozen Windshields, and Snow Removal.
    • Space Guarantee! Book online!