Parking at Philly Airport

  • May 5, 2023


Parking at Philadelphia International Airport Rates

When parking at the Philadelphia International Airport you have a few options!  Don’t simply go for higher rates at Philadelphia International Airport (Phila).

You can park at the Terminal parking lot which is $24 per day.

Then, just like SmartPark you will take a shuttle to and from the airport to the economy parking lot!

Discount  Philadelphia International Airport Parking 

Only difference is lower price and better quality service! $12.95 per day Philadelphia International Airport parking services!

SMARTPARK’s Philadelphia International Airport parking rates are below:

1 Day = $12.95 (plus taxes/surcharges)
1 Week = $12.95 x 7 = $80.50 (plus taxes/surcharges)
4 Weeks = $12.95 x 28 = $322.00 (plus taxes/surcharges)

Want further discounted PHL airport parking rates? Visit our Frequent Flyers Program!

Frequent Flyers program offers Free days & extra discounts)

Smart Park is the smart choice when it comes to PHL Airport Parking due to great service and paying up to 40% less!

Saving money, and securing your vehicle in a well lit, gated and 24/7 monitored Philadelphia International Airport car parking spot!  Along with the basics that come with other parking at the Philadelphia International Airport– SmartPark has a lot more to offer!  Competitive Philly airport parking rates including the highest satisfaction rating for any Philly airport parking service!

Offering roadside services including :

  • Emergency Gas
  • Free Lockout Service
  • Free Tire Assistance
  • Free Shuttle
  • Free Windshield Freeze Clean Off
  • Free Battery Jump
  • Free Baggage Help
  • Free Parking when Flights Cancelled
  • Valet Service
  • Discounted Rates
  • Fast 2 Minute Shuttle to and From airport

Also, consider our Philadelphia International Airport parking coupons and incredible Frequent Flyers program offering 2 days free parking and special discounts for frequent flyers!!

Philly Airport Parking Coupons

Save up to 70% off regular Philly airport parking (PHL) rates!  Current prices at $12.95 per day with free shuttle, luggage help and fast on demand (5 star) assistance. You will save money with our daily & weekly rates on PHL parking.

Reserve your instant savings (and reserve your Philadelphia International Airport car parking spot) now with our reservation system.

If you want to just arrive to our parking lot without signing up online, simply print our Philly airport parking coupons easily online – or access them through your cell phone on demand!

Cheap Philly Airport Parking

The standard Philly Airport Parking Rates are nearly 40% to 70% higher than SmartPark! Consider our Philadelphia International Airport car parking spots for the highest quality, best service. We even have uniformed drivers in new shuttles!

There is a reason that we have so many repeat customers to the SmartPark Philly Airport Parking lots! So when looking for rates for Philly airport parking, make sure you give SmartPark a try! We are sure you will never choose another parking service!

What Makes SmartPark – Parking at Philly Airport so Different?

We have absolutely incredible reviews, and are proud of the level of service we provide.  We have the HIGHEST discount airport parking ratings on Google around.  Don’t believe us?  Here is just one of our recent reviews we love to show off:

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