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  • May 5, 2023


Philadelphia International Airport Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Navigating PHL Airport in 2021

PHL airport is composed of seven terminals and sends and receives hundreds of incoming & outgoing flights with 18 airlines. … There are several airports surrounding the Philadelphia International Airport as well is in Philadelphia. We want to give you a breakdown of everything you need to know in 2021!  We provided a breakdown of main questions below!

How early should I arrive to PHL Airport for Departures?

Consider arriving at a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights.  Consider 3 hour early arrival for international departures.

PHL Airport Map – Map of Philadelphia International Airport

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Where is SmartPark PHL Airport Parking?

Additional Parking Maps for PHL (Phila) Philadelphia Airport

Where do I pick up passengers at PHL?

You will find areas to pickup and drop off passengers at PHL airport located in front of all terminals of Departures / Departing flights as well as outside the baggage claim sections of each passenger arrivals pick up area which is on Arrival Flights road!

Where do I drop off passengers at PHL?

You can drop off passengers at their designated terminals on the departing flights road. We have a map above with more location information.

What is Prohibited to Fly at PHL – TSA Screening

This is available at PHL security checkpoints in Terminals A-East, C, and D/E for approved flyers with the following airlines: American Airlines | United Airlines | Alaska Airlines | Delta Airlines | JetBlue | SouthWest

Before Packing

  • Liquids, gels as well as aerosols myst be put in your carry-on and follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule:
    • 3.4 ounces or less per container (small travel size containers available at many stores / dollar stores)
    • 1 quart size large clear zip lock bag – Everything liquid has to be placed in this zip-lock sealed bag.
    • 1 bag per passenger
  • Only items available that aren’t on TSA’s prohibited items list for carry-on & checked luggage.
  • Any locks should be TSA approved.
  • Include printed name / address / phone on luggage and electronics.

When Packing

  • Firearms are allowed, unloaded, in locked container with hard side.  Must inform airline before departure.
  • NO fireworks / explosive items
  • Pack large electronics devices on top layer of any carry on luggage to expedite TSA check
  • Make your 3-1-1 bag easy to access since you must place in bin at TSA.
  • If you have a pet with you, bring a leash for TSA screen.

Before Leaving for the Airport

  • Get to airport 1.5 to 2 hours early
  • Easy to remove shoes are a plus!  Many people wear sandals when climate is appropriate
  • Questions, issues or disability – you can call TSA cares (855) 787-2227.

Before Entering the Checkpoint

  • If a member of Pre Check, look for the TSA PreCheck lane to speed up check through at PHL airport.
  • Have your ID and boarding pass out for inspection. (New ID Requirements coming in 2020-2021)

In Standard Screening Lane

  • Place 3-1-1 liquids bag separate in bin
  • Empty all pockets into bin and bulky jewelry (valuable items can be placed in carry-on).
  • Remove your shoes and place directly on x-ray belt
  • Remove personal electronic other than cell phone from your carry-on – place in bin (laptops common) – should be in their own bin with nothing on top / under for x ray screen. (E.g. laptops, tablets, and handheld gaming consoles.)

Where is TSA at PHL

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is comprised of 7 terminals. In the secure area past the security checkpoints, all terminals and gates are accessible. The checkpoint at Terminal B is open 24 hours; checkpoint hours vary at other terminals. TSA Pre-Check lanes are available at Terminals A-East, C, and D-E.

Does Uber / Lyft Pick Up At Airport?

Uber/Lyft is a reliable option for travelers heading to Philadelphia International Airport.. Based on the operating agreement with the airport, riders can be dropped off at their requested terminal on the Departures (Upper) Level. There is a line for pickups of Uber/Lyft located drivers about 2 minutes away.  Located by going to luggage pickup and request for your ride there.

Is There Free Parking at PHL (Philadelphia International Airport)?

Standard options at PHL include terminal parking garages which are $24 daily.  Economy lots are $11 per day (these prices are as of end of year 2019). 

SmartPark is 2 minutes away, charging up to 70% less than terminal parking with a free shuttle, baggage help and additional services (valet, car wash, etc).

Are flights Cancelled in Philadelphia?

Flights can be cancelled at PHL due to weather or heavy travel conditions.  Along with other unexpected cancellations due to things such as plane malfunctions or issues from other airports.

Where is TSA Pre Check at PHL – Philadelphia International Airport?

TSA PreCheck is a security efficiency service to expedite security. TSA PreCheck is open at the following checkpoints within Terminals A-East, C, and D/E.  This is only for approved flyers of the following airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest

What Airlines Fly out of PHL?

Top Airlines Operating at Philadelphia Intl. Airport

What Terminal is American Airlines at PHL?

Nowadays mostly serves domestic flights operated by American (some international flights too), Aer Lingus and Frontier Airlines. International services with US Pre-clearance are served in Terminal A East.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at PHL?

Frontier Airlines uses Terminal E at PHL – Philadelphia International Airport.

Information about Terminals at PHL

Philadelphia International Airport has 7 terminal buildings, separated into 7 unique concourses.  This includes a total of 124 boarding gates as of Jan 2020

Terminal A

Terminal A at Philadelphia Airport consists of Terminal A East as well as  Terminal A West. Connected at ticketing level.

Terminal A West

Terminal A West consists of 13 boarding gates which are numbered from A14 to A26.

This is known for hosting American Airlines and their flights (along with other terminals shown below).  Also handles a variety of domestic and international flights from other airline companies.

International arrivals come in at Arrivals Level.

Terminal A west oversees all international flights – except flights using US Preclearance locations.  Therefore this terminal has US Immigration and Customs services.

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Terminal A East

Terminal A East was previously an international terminal. Lately almost all flights are domestic from American Airlines.  Some international flights may arrive here as well.  Aer Lingus and Frontier Airlines have flights in this terminal.

US Preclearance International travel is mostly handled in Terminal A East.

It consists of 11 boarding gates which are numbered from A2 to A13 (except A5).

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Terminals B and C

These 2 terminals are used by American Airlines – along with food and shopping – AKA “Philadelphia Marketplace”. Shopping and dining is located between both gates B & C

– Terminal B has 15 boarding gates which are numbered from B1 to B16 (except B12).

– Terminal C has 15 boarding gates which are numbered from C18 to C31.

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Terminal D

Terminal D is adjacent to Terminal E as well as shopping/dining area of Terminals B and C.

Major airlines include Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

It has 16 boarding gates which are numbered from D1 to D16.

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Terminal E

Major airlines include JetBlue Airways, Delta Air Lines (Delta Connection), Frontier Airlines & Southwest Airlines

It has 17 boarding gates which are numbered from E1 to E17.

Located adjacent to Terminal D (via ticketing)

Notable Features : USO Lounge

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Terminal F (Concourses 1, 2, 3)

Major airline includes American Eagle.

It has 38 boarding gates which are numbered from F1 to F39 (except F8).

The boarding gates are distributed into 3 Concourses:

Concourse 1 (F1 – F9), Concourse 2 (F10 – F23) and Concourse 3 (F24 – F39).

American Eagle shuttle bus stop is located at F10.

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Inter-terminal transportation

All terminals connected via Airside transport between A-F and planning to improve transport in 2022 as part of the airport expansion project.

Are there vehicle charging stations at PHL?

– Two on Level 1 in Garage C

– Two on Level 1 in Garage D

– Three in the Economy Lot – next to the airport toll plaza.

Driving Directions to PHL Airport

Have Google Maps?  Click here for a link to driving directions! — | — Click Here to View in Google Maps

Directions to PHL From Center City Philadelphia:

Take the I-95 South to Philadelphia International Airport Exit (following signage)
or I-76 East (following signage) for the Philadelphia International Airport

Directions to PHL From the PA Turnpike:

Take the PA Turnpike to the Mid-County Exit (Route 476)
Take 476 South (Chester) to Interstate 95 (I-95)
Take I-95 North to the Philadelphia International Airport Exit (following signage)

Directions to PHL From the NJ Turnpike:

Take Exit 3 to the Walt Whitman Bridge
After the toll plaza stay in the far right lane and take I-95 South
Follow I-95 South to the Philadelphia International Airport Exit (following signage)

Directions to PHL From Delaware:

Take I-95 North to the Philadelphia International Airport Exit (following signage)

Airport Address:

Philadelphia International Airport
8000 Essington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19153

What are the parking fees for PHL Airport?

There are two options for long-term parking at the actual lot at Philadelphia Airport: the terminal parking garages which cost $24 per day, and the Economy Parking Lot that charges $11 per day. There are also private off-site parking facilities that charge only $8 per day and provide shuttle service.

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Reservations to Park at Philadelphia Airport

No reservations are available at the parking authority for PHL (Philadelphia International Airport).  However, SmartPark offers reservations for off-site parking and shuttle services.  Only a 2 minute travel time on shuttle from parking to airport.  You can make your PHL reservations online with SmartPark if you would like at a discounted coupon rate.

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