PHL Airport Parking Weekly Rates

  • May 5, 2023


**Rates as of March 2024 – Prices subject to change.

PHL airport parking weekly prices with SmartPark are almost 40% cheaper!

Philadelphia Airport Parking Weekly Rates

When parking at Philadelphia International Airport, the current fees (as of March 2024) are broken down as follows:

Terminal PHL Airport parking weekly rates at PHL (Philadelphia International Airport)

Daily terminal parking rates at PHL are $24 per day. Realistically parking here for a week would be pricey at $168.

Economy PHL Airport parking weekly rates at PHL (Philadelphia International Airport)

Economy parking uses a Shuttle, just like our service.

Parking is currently being charged at $24 per day. The weekly cost would be as follows:

1 Week = $168.00 + Parking Taxes/Fee or Surcharges (around $100 more than SmartPark)

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SmartPark PHL Airport Parking Weekly Rates

Including shuttle (like PHL economy parking) As of May. 2021, SmartPark’s PHL airport parking weekly rates are as follows:

1 Week = $90.65 + Parking Taxes/Fee or Surcharges

Philadelphia Airport parking rates at SmartPark are simple, one rate – all the time! Parking at Smartpark is cheaper to park daily than parking at the Terminal Parking for 2.5 hours (with fees)! As of March 2024

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Philadelphia Airport Parking Weekly Rates Difference

Example: 2 Week Parking Stay at PHL

If you were staying at PHL airport parking’s terminal parking garage (w/shuttle) you would save $100.00 with SmartPark. Plus with SmartPark’s cheap PHL parking lot location you get incredible quality service, fast (2 minute) shuttle and emergency services in the event your car has an issue or you just need ice cleared off your windshield!

We assume you wouldn’t park at the $24 per day lot, but if so you would save $230 with SmartPark. That’s a huge PHL airport parking weekly rate difference!

You save even more with SmartPark by signing up for the Frequent Flyer program! Typically we offer free parking incentive for new sign ups and discounts above our regular rate!

Why SmartPark PHL Airport Parking is Better?

SmartPark has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any discount PHL airport parking lot service. (Weekly – long term parking or short term parking) – over 3300 Five Star ratings from our Philly airport parking customers.

Our Philadelphia airport parking service along with the free shuttle at PHL is safe, clean, fast (2 minute shuttle from airport) and friendly. We help with luggage and get you where you need to be fast. Quick pickup when returning home on your flight arrival. Better than a PHL airport parking groupon!

Also – Making us even better. We offer Roadside help at our PHL weekly airport parking lots!

Offering roadside services including :

  • Emergency Gas
  • Free Lockout Service
  • Free Tire Assistance
  • Free Shuttle
  • Free Windshield Freeze Clean Off
  • Free Battery Jump
  • Free Baggage Help
  • Free Parking when Flights Cancelled
  • Valet Service
  • Discounted Rates
  • Fast 2 Minute Shuttle to and From airport

PHL Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

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Our helpful weekly airport parking at PHL is cheap, monitored, and gated 24/7 with the highest customer satisfaction & loyalty rate in the industry!

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