How Much is Parking at Philadelphia Airport? Find The Cheapest Rates for Philadelphia Airport Here!

  • May 5, 2023

  • William Cartwright

How Much is Parking at Philadelphia Airport? Find The Cheapest Rates for Philadelphia Airport Here!

How much parking is at Philadelphia airport? Are you planning a trip out of Philadelphia and considering where to park?

I want to go ahead and break down your options for parking at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), focusing on affordability and convenience. Whether you’re jetting off for a week or more, here’s the lowdown on getting the best parking deals without the stress.

What You Need to Know

Parking right at the airport can be convenient but watch your wallet! As of March 2024, parking at the PHL terminal costs $28 per day. If you’re doing the math, that’s about $196 for a week—before adding on those pesky parking taxes and fees.

Terminal PHL Airport parking daily & weekly rates at PHL (Philadelphia International Airport)

  • Daily Rate: $28
  • Weekly Total (7 days): $196
  • Additional Taxes and Fees: These can vary, but they typically include city parking taxes and airport surcharges. Depending on these rates, you could be looking at a considerable increase in your total parking cost.

**Rates as of May 2024 – Prices are subject to change.

PHL airport parking weekly prices with SmartPark are almost 50% cheaper!

This pricing structure makes it crucial for travelers to consider their budget and the length of their trip. If you’re planning a longer stay, these costs can multiply quickly, turning what seemed like a convenient option into a costly one.

SmartPark PHL Airport Parking Weekly Rates

Including shuttle (like PHL economy parking) As of May. 2024, SmartPark’s PHL airport parking weekly rates are as follows:

  • Daily Rate: $13.95
  • 1 Week = $97.65 + Parking Taxes/Fee or Surcharges

Philadelphia Airport parking rates at SmartPark are simple, one rate – all the time! Parking at Smartpark is cheaper to park daily than parking at the Terminal Parking for 2.5 hours (with fees)! As of May 2024

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SmartPark: Your Go-To for the Cheapest Parking at Philadelphia Airport

Searching for the cheapest parking at Philadelphia Airport? Look no further than SmartPark, where affordability meets quality in perfect harmony. Whether you’re jetting off for a short business trip or a long vacation, SmartPark offers unbeatable rates that make it the smart choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Exceptional Value at Unbeatable Prices

Highly Competitive Rates: At SmartPark, we understand that every dollar counts, especially regarding travel expenses. That’s why we offer the cheapest parking rates at Philadelphia Airport, with a weekly rate of just $97.65 plus taxes and fees. This is significantly lower than the airport’s terminal parking, which charges $28 per day, totaling nearly $200 per week. By choosing SmartPark, you keep more money in your pocket without sacrificing convenience.

Top-Quality Service on a Budget: Low cost doesn’t mean low quality at SmartPark. Our facility is secure, well-lit, and monitored around the clock, ensuring your vehicle is safe while you are away. Plus, our customer service is second to none, as evidenced by thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied travelers who appreciate our prices and professionalism.

Rapid, Reliable Shuttle Service: Forget the stress of making it to your flight on time. SmartPark’s free shuttle service will have you at your terminal in just two minutes. It’s quick, efficient, and just another way we make sure our services are aligned with our commitment to affordability and convenience.

More Perks for Less: SmartPark’s Frequent Flyer program offers additional discounts and benefits, proving that the cheapest parking at Philadelphia Airport can also come with excellent perks. Sign up to enjoy even greater savings and conveniences like free parking for new members.

Easy Online Booking: Ready to secure the cheapest parking at Philadelphia Airport? Visit SmartPark’s website to easily book your spot and take advantage of our special offers and discounts. It’s straightforward, hassle-free, and fast—just like our service.

Why SmartPark Stands Out

SmartPark isn’t just the cheapest option—it’s the wisest choice for travelers who don’t want to compromise on service quality while benefiting from the lowest parking rates at Philadelphia Airport. We’re dedicated to making your parking experience as smooth and stress-free as your flight.

To learn more about our long term parking advantages, check out SmartPark’s Long Term Parking. Discover why so many travelers choose us for the most affordable airport parking. With SmartPark, less spending means more peace of mind. Why pay top dollar for parking when SmartPark offers the cheapest rates without cutting corners?

Philadelphia Airport Parking Weekly Rates Difference

1 Week PriceDaysDaily Parking PriceTotal
PHL Airport7X$28=$196
2 Weeks Price
PHL Airport14X$28=$392
3 Weeks Price
PHL Airport21X$28=$588
Weekly price comparison SmartPark vs. PHL Airport overnight parking

Example: 2 Week Parking Stay at PHL

If you stayed at PHL airport parking’s terminal parking garage (w/shuttle) you would save almost $100.00 each week with SmartPark. Plus with SmartPark’s cheap PHL parking lot location you get incredible quality service, fast (2 minute) shuttle and emergency services in the event your car has an issue or you just need ice cleared off your windshield!

You save even more with SmartPark by signing up for the Frequent Flyer program! Typically we offer free parking incentive for new sign ups and discounts above our regular rate!

Philadelphia Airport Parking SmartPark

Why SmartPark PHL Airport Parking is Better?

SmartPark has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any discount PHL airport parking lot service. (Weekly – long term parking or short term parking) – over 10,000 Five Star ratings from our Philly airport parking customers.

Our Philadelphia airport parking service along with the free shuttle at PHL is safe, clean, fast (2 minute shuttle from airport) and friendly. We help with luggage and get you where you need to be fast. Quick pickup when returning home on your flight arrival. Better than a PHL airport parking groupon!

Also – Making us even better. We offer Roadside help at our PHL weekly airport parking lots!

Offering roadside services including :

  • Emergency Gas
  • Free Lockout Service
  • Free Tire Assistance
  • Free Shuttle
  • Free Windshield Freeze Clean Off
  • Free Battery Jump
  • Free Baggage Help
  • Free Parking when Flights Cancelled
  • Valet Service
  • Discounted Rates
  • Fast 2 Minute Shuttle to and From airport

PHL Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

Check out SmartPark for discount PHL airport parking coupons. Also get free parking and MORE discounts by visiting our PHL airport parking frequent flyers program!

Our helpful weekly airport parking at PHL is cheap, monitored, and gated 24/7 with the highest customer satisfaction & loyalty rate in the industry!

We look forward to welcoming you to the SmartPark family, and know you will be happy with our services! When looking for  Philadelphia airport parking rates & prices – choose Smartpark!